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20 June 2013

And we're off. . .

We have found our groove.  This summer thing is really, really starting to agree with us.
After a week or so home, I feel like I finally know my darlings better than I do during the school year.
So, we roll.  We roll with this summer thing and we are really getting it.
And, it's heavenly.

We drive.  A lot.  The boy has places to go and things to do, so the rumpus in the back seat can be quite entertaining. . .until it's not.

 The flowers are FINALLY exploding and I LOVE IT!  The colors are amazing and my garden needs some attention, but so do the littles.  So, the weeds will have to wait.  As will the laundry, windows, floors, and dust.  My littles are only small for so long, and they trump everything. xo

The boy and his dog continue to bond.  Bauer has blessed us so crazy much and we're having so much fun getting to know this 63 pound dog who TRULY believes he is a 5 lb. lap dog!  Cracks us up.  All the time.  He'll be one next month. . .and they said he wouldn't get to be 50 lbs.  Ha.  Right.

 So proud of the boy, who earned the MVP award at the Varsity All Star Game for Spring lacrosse.  It's a good day when he can play the game he loves and be recognized for just working hard!  He was so very thrilled, and we are just so very proud of him.

This sweet and precious little continues to grow and change each and every day.  The little "baby" look is going away. . .he's talking up a storm.  Most of the time we can really understand each other. . .and then he'll bust out his best foreign language and carry on for a paragraph or two, then look at me and say: "YES?!"  Yes, sweet ollie.  Whatever you want.  For now.  xo

The red head little makes us laugh a billion times each day.  He is our "spirited" one and keeps us on our toes!  If you follow me on IG (theboyandthelittles) you witnessed his dropped drawers and his joyful proclamation of "MAMA!  I peed overboard!!!!!"  He was so proud.  Just so, so proud.

My love continues to work.  He's amazing.  He loves us more than we can imagine and provides for us more than he should have to.  He will never, ever know how much he is appreciated and how all of his boys talk about him during the day while he is away.  

As for me?  I'm thankful for the gift of being able to figure this summer thing out.  We are far from over scheduled, but scheduled just enough to feel like we're doing somethings that are important as well as have a lot of fun along the way.  

Life is good.
The snuggles are many.
The giggles are uncountable.
We are blessed.

06 June 2013

Here we go. . .

This is completely NOT how I planned my first blog post of the summer to be.

But, oh well.  I'm rolling with it.

Summer is here!  YAHOO!  I should be all "Yippee and YES!!!"  And I am!  But, I'm kinda not.  I'm a little more like "Woah. . .really?"  Super pumped to send the last class to 5th grade!  No worries about that!  They're so ready AND they'll be AWESOME!!!

But, "Really?"  Home with my kiddos?  All.  Day.  Long.  OH, boys.  Three of them.  Oh my.

So, this hero of mine talks a lot about being a "truth teller."
Here it is!  Holy cats,  scared.
A little scared.
I know 24 other children better than I know my own!  It's the truth.

So, truth is out. . .today has been a good day.  It's been hard. ..just a little though.
It has been a mellow day.
All in all, quite delightful.  Not too boring, not too exciting. . .just right actually.
It's like sticking my toe into a chilly pool. . .slowly.  That's how we're going to roll with this new summer thing for awhile!  Or, at least until summer decides to show up and be kind here in good ol' freezin-our-tails-off MN.  We'll be ready.

In the mean time.
I have fed the children.
Twice.  (it's only 3:00pm)

We have played puzzles.
Three time outs.  Two for the red head, one for me.
Experienced our first EVER Kiwi Crate project.
Moo, the happy woodpecker.  Thanks Kiwi Crate!

Read books.  Had the radio on more than the TV (that's awesome). Chased poor Bauer (the boy dog) around the house.  More than we should admit to.  Giggled.  A lot.  Shared some precious snuggles and lots and lots of hugs.

So, here I am summer.
I'm showing up.  Ready.  Prepared to be a bit overwhelmed at times, but I'm thrilled that you're here to stay for awhile.

Feeling blessed.
Tomorrow, we hope to tackle creating the summer 'bucket list!'
What's on yours?
Do share!!