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30 December 2013

Christmas Break 2013

Here we are.
Christmas Break 2013.  
It feels like forever since I have entered a post, and well, I was right.  It has been forever.
Off to an outstanding start to the school year with some of the world's greatest 4th graders.  They are precious and we are learning, working hard, and having so much fun.

I feel like I have blinked my eyes, and here we are.  Christmas Break.
TWO.  FULL.  WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!

Can I get a YIPPEEE?!?!?!?!

This is a first in my entire career.  Never, ever have we had two full weeks.  YIPPEE!!!!

So, precious break.  You are half done, and let me tell you. . .you have planed yourself firm in my heart and you are doing an excellent job allowing me to soak up all of the snuggles and magic that you can muster.

Just some highlights in pictures. . . 

Precious Max caught in a quite moment reading his favorite 
book to his beloved Bash.

A delightful morning routine filled with snuggles, twinkle lights, and reminder to

Magical preparations as we hosted our first EVER North Pole Party. 
It will now be a yearly tradition.  So much fun
was had by ALL and millions of memories were made!!!!

Christmas Morning Puppet Shows.  So much JOY in one room.

And the day after Christmas took us to Grand Forks.  Because we just know that is 
exactly what EVERYONE wants to do the day after Christmas.  At least it was to see our
 boy play some fun hockey.  
Yes, the stick ponies and hats were a hit and took many trips up and down 
the long hallways.  Thank you Hilton for putting up with us.  HA!

 Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.  I can hardly believe it.  It means my precious Ollie Finn will almost be three, and Testing season is right around the corner.  So, with this last week of break, we plan to "Go BIG or Go Home."  There are so many more memories to be made and sweet snuggles to be savored.  I'm off to grab a few of those right now from my spirited red-head as the littlest one sleeps.

What are you doing with this precious Holiday season?