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29 June 2012

Here we go. . .

Summer. . . my second most favorite word in the entire world.  My first favorite?  It’s actually two.  My boys.  All of them.  They are the reason I am here writing this blog, my first ever entry.  This is all about them.  But really, it’s more for me.  So that I can remember.  I need a place where I can go and write about how Moo attempted to put the dog, his dump truck, and blankie in a “Time Out, Right Now!”  Because he’s two.  It’s what we do when we’re two.  I just wish there was a way to record the words that he uses.  They’re hysterical.  Beyond hysterical, actually.  Priceless.  Wet your pants kind of funny.  The stuff that kid comes up with. Funny.

Then, there’s The Boy.  I love 14.  I hope he just stays 14 forever.  I bet ya don’t hear people say that every day!!!  Busy, happy, family loving, hockey-golf-lacrosse loving, friend loving boy.  He is The Boy or “Heho”.  Again, another made up name by Moo.  Because the boy, ya know. . .”HE HAS TO GO” to hockey, school, lacrosse, or wherever it is that he goes.  And when you’re two, your “g”s don’t come out all nice and proper, so HEHO, it is.  With love unlike anything I’ve seen.  God Bless our sweet Heho.

Oh, we mustn’t forget about the little one.  Happy, rollie, pollie, filled with joy butterball that he is.  We hope that someday he can get a word in edgewise.  Not an easy task when you live with The Boy and Moo.  But, life is good for this little one!  He’s a climber.  Turned my back on him for all of 30 seconds while doing the dishes on Wednesday to find him in the middle of the kitchen table.  Better view up there?  Maybe so!  Love, love, love that one too. 

The mom of three boys.  Can life even get any better than this?!  Well, maybe if they would nap. . . oh well.  That's for another post!  HA!  Stay Tuned for the adventures!  xo     

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