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21 May 2013

happy heart.

That moment when EIGHT varsity lacrosse boys show up. . .

completely unannounced.

They're hungry and they want to hang out.

These are the Mom Moments I LIVE FOR.

My heart is beyond full of J O Y.

I just want this moment to plant itself in my heart and stay awhile.
What makes your heart happy?

Off to restock my fridge. . .

It's the little things. . .

It's the little things I'm holding close these days.  
The moments I want to last a little longer. . . 
Those moments I want to make sure that I remember. . . 

We're in a crazy season right now.
The school year is almost ending (YIPPEE). . .I send another group of 4th graders on their way (always bittersweet). . . .The boy ends another school year (how on earth does this continue to happen?!?!). . . the lacrosse season will soon move into another crazy schedule (hang on and enjoy the ride). . . the littles will be home with me all summer long (let's keep it real here. . . . i get a little tired just thinking about it). . . 

walks will be longer. . .
bed time will have more snuggles. . .
books will be read. . .
hands will be held. . .
knees will be skinned. . .
bikes will be ridden. . .
fish will be caught. . .
ice cream will drip down chins. . .
songs will be sung. . .
fun will be had.

I will search for JOY in the very little things that happen each and every day!
I will plant those seconds in my heart and pray they stick around for awhile.  Even when things are crazy.  Things are always going to be a little crazy.

Through it all, God will be faithful.

Smiles will be big.

life will still be good. xo

lacrosse with moo.  

swing happy.

good gravy.  driving ms. daisy. 

Mother's Day love.

What do YOU plan on doing this summer?!

leave me a note!

12 May 2013

Show me how. . .

The four most precious words to come out of my three year old's mouth today. 

"Show me how, Mama."

Oh, my sweet and precious little.  I will do my best.

It is my hope that I will show you how

. . .to be kind.  It won't always be easy, but we can do it if we try.  You will learn, precious love, that a little bit of kindness will go a long, long ways.

. . .to pray through the joy and praise through the storms.

. . .to play hard.

. . . to just show up.

. . .to have fun with your brothers without cause for a trip to the ER.

. . . to cheer for others.  always.

. . . to attempt to keep it as simple.

. . .to be the best sport possible.

. . . to be brave.  Our God is bigger than any scary thing we face, and he's got our back.

And to show you always how much you are loved.

No.  Matter.  What.

06 May 2013

flower power.

Me:  What did you have for lunch today, Max?

Max:  pb&j.  it was good.

Me:  What did you do today?

Max:  I played hard.  I played outside.  I took my shoes off.  I was happy.

Me:  What was the best part of your day?

Max:  making you the flower.

Such a precious and proud little.

Oh, I love him so crazy much.

On another fun note, the boy made the varsity lacrosse team.  He is still over-the-moon excited.  They're playing now, as I'm home with the littles.  They're up 9-1 at the half.  THAT should make for a happy boy.  Proud mama.

What is making you happy today?