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27 January 2013

State of Hockey.


It's what The Boy loves.
He loves it more than anything. . . just like a 15 year old should.  Days without hockey are long and he finds himself longing for the ice.  Thank goodness we live on a rather large pond where he can spend countless hours during the winter months.  There is truly nothing better than watching him skate, alone, on a rink in our very own back yard.  There is truly nothing like getting a glimpse into his 'hockey world'.  The one without the coaches, the pressure from the teammates, the fear of him getting hit from behind, the stress of winning the game.
He can just be.

I can't begin to imagine the imaginary roar of the crowd, as he single handedly shoots. . .and scores. . .unassisted.  GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!
It's magical.
It's sacred.
It's my boy.  The ice.  The puck.  The game.

Then there are the days where it's just so much fun!  Youth hockey at its absolute BEST!!!!  With the hard work of some really, really great dads. . .the pond hockey tourney was a HUGE success.  There is nothing better here in the State of Hockey, than the joy of being able to place a smooch on the Golden Shovel.  The boy got to do just that with the help of some fun buddies!
The Flow Rockers won the shovel!

This picture makes my heart soar.  The huge, open mouth smile. . . again.  My boy.  Not much better than watching him play some puck.

The boy. . .the same boy who finds so much joy in the game he loves also being the world's most amazing big brother as he teaches the Moo to skate.

Oh, how I love this boy.

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