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02 March 2013

Smooshy Frosting.

He is two.  I loved one so much. . .I can hardly stand what two will bring for this precious little peanut.

love this little bug more every second . . . truly the happiest child I have ever met in my entire life.  Love his little voice, love his sweet chubby little hands, love the little chunk feet that now run at full speed all . the. time.  so fun, the little pitter patter of feet.  All boy.  My boy.  I love his smooshy little body, the way he snuggles in and just melts into my shoulder.  His giggles stop me in my tracks.  

There is heaven in this boy.

I love his smooshiness.
I love that he is my frosting.
I love this boy.
My precious ollie finn.


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