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10 July 2012

Long live the nana!

We had a super big day around here yesterday.  Moo, the lover of all nanas, had a very special visitor.  Let me back up just a little bit.  About two weeks ago we had the pleasure of getting his teeth cleaned for the very FIRST time.  He's got about 4 more months until he turns three, so I figured it was about time.  He's great at brushing, his teeth look great, with the exception of a space in the front that the Dr. stated was caused by sucking on his nana.  So, the Dr. very gently suggested that it might be time to give it up!  Along with that suggestion was the hint that while we're giving it up for Moo, we might as well give it up for the little bug as well before it does to much damage!

So, Moo has recently become obsessed with Buzz and Woody and I figured, boy, what 2.5 year old wouldn't LOVE to have two new buddies to play with in exchange for all of the nanas in the house!?!?!?  Yesterday was the day!  Heho even got in on the action.  Distracting Moo while we set things up and we all headed up to the room to do a little "picking up" only to discover that the nanas were gone at there were a few new toys on his bed!  Oh, the excitement that filled those little eyes!!!  He picked up Buzz and Woody and hugged them so tightly and then gently placed them back on the bed.  He turned to us and said, "Oh no!  The nana fairy has come.  She taked all my nanas to give to little babies that need them.  Oh, no!!!"  If only you could see his little hands held out in front of him, and to hear his very breathy sigh as he realized that this was the end of the nana affair for him.  (And the little bug!)

The afternoon went on, and Buzz and Woody were played with constantly.  They were never more than an arm's length away from Moo and after a tubby we prepared for bed.  I very gently reminded him that he had to gather his new buddies to join him in bed so that he would have company, and that tonight he was a REALLY BIG BOY without a nana!  Oh, I laid it on thick.  And, it went perfect!  He hopped right up into bed, snuggled his blankie and his new "Best Friwends"  (Yes, that's how he says it, with the 'w'!) and he was out for the count.  He even made Mama and Dada so proud. . .as this was the first night in 5 consecutive nights that we WERE NOT woken up at 3:30am to help him go and find the nana that fell out of his mouth.  I still woke around 3am, but didn't get up. . .just lifted a little prayer of thankfulness that he was still sound asleep and had no nana to search for!  Whew.


What a relief!

Then came nap time today.  He was laying so silently in his bed all snuggled in and I was SURE he was asleep.  Then came the frequent trips OUT of bed.
Round 1:  "I not tired, Mama."
Round 2:  "B-ollie seeping, Mama."
Round 3:  "I firsty (thirsty) Mama."
Round 4:  "Woody not tired, Mama."
Round 5:  "I don't want Buzz and Woody no more, Mama.  I need my nana."

Round 6, 7, and 8. . . quite similar to round 5.  Sigh.

After a little rocking, some snuggles, and praying with him about his beloved NANAS, the moo is FINALLY asleep.

What does all of this mean?  Dada is in charge of bedtime tonight.

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