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24 July 2012

The Boy and His Dog.

What is it about a boy and his dog?  It's this unspeakable bond of fun, understanding, love, rough-housing, wrestling, and snuggles.  We have been blessed with all of the above from our awesome dog Wrigley.  

He's my dog and I'm his boy.
And so today, I just need a moment.  A moment to hold on to what I so loved about this dog.  As a single mom for 10 years, this is the last link to THAT life.  I don't ever want THAT life back, but of the wonderful things that came out of that life, this dog was one of them.  He was my reason for my feet to hit the floor on the weekends when the boy was away.  That howl, those big brown eyes, and floopy ears, this buddy who needed to be walked, fed, snuggled, and played with.  And that is exactly what I did.  The boy knew in his heart that this dog was HIS and his alone, but he had no clue to the therapy, healing, annoyance, and love that was gifted to me unconditionally while he was away.  

Sweet pup
I need a moment.  I don't do good-byes. . . .I actually don't even enjoy the "see-ya-laters!"  A piece of my heart is broken today as I say my "see ya when we get there" to our precious Wrigley.  And more than ever, I hope the good Lord has a boat for ya to ride on, a pig's ear for you to hide in His couch, and a big lap for you to enjoy.

Love ya Riggs.

Until we meet again, Wrigley.
Thank you for being the most loyal and loved dog on the block. xo

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  1. Sniff, sniff... a beautiful tribute to send him on his journey. XO-love you.