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13 August 2012


It's days like this that I need to look at this picture and remind myself of how very short this toddler stage really, really is.  Today, however, it feels like it may never end.

Starting first thing this morning with the following:

"Mom!  Don't call the ambulance!  I not hurt, I just crazy!!!!!  OKAY??????"  exclaimed by Moo all while scaling the back of the couch.  He is TWO.  Two.  We are so two today.

How do you suppose one responds to THAT?!?!  I have yet to decide.  Needless to say, I didn't call the ambulance.

Why this obsession with the ambulance?  I'm not sure.  Maybe he's still reliving our trip to children's from the dog bite.  The one that resulted in stitches in the palm of his hand and many, many, many two-year-old conversations revolving around drs., hospitals, sick, hurt, and more ambulance-hospital-talk-type-stuff.  Back it up to stitches.  Moo couldn't even say stitches.  So, all week long he's ask me to check his "*itches"  Yep.  Insert the b.  How do you not giggle at THAT?  WE have since corrected him and done everything to not laugh hysterically when he mentions them.  That and kick ourselves for not getting it on video.

So back to the ambulance obsession.  It's all we can focus on.

We continue with our day.  All of which has included a head first dive into a matchbox car, resulting in splitting the skin between upper lip and nose, a head first dive into the step all while running away from HEHO who, according to Moo is, "being MEAN mama, and he being a BUG!"  ***The split however did NOT result in a trip to Children's for some *itches.  Just a lot of tears about "I don't wanna go to the hospital!  Don't call the ambulance."

The day has been filled with "please walk, Moo. . .you need to slow down please, are YOU being a GOOD listener?  Moo, walk please, Moo, you're going to get a bad owie!!!  Please sweetie, you must sit still for just a moment, maybe it's time for you to lay down and relax a little bit, YES. ..a nap!  We should take a nap!  Please don't hit your b-ollie.  Moo, please keep your hands to yourself.  Hands are for hugging, not hitting.  No, you don't have to sleep. . . yes, you can just look at books and have a little chill time.  You're not tired?  Okay.  Let's watch some show."


That lasted all of 25 minutes.  Both littles pulled a complete and full-fledged Nap Boycott today.  So we snuggle and relish in days like these.  The days I'm BLESSED enough to be at home with them.  These perfect, toddler filled, catch-'em-if-ya-can, wonderful, joy. . .followed by just a bit of stress. . .filled days.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  This teaching thing truly gives me the best of BOTH worlds.  Even though I have said many times over the past decade+ of teaching that August is really just one long Sunday night. . . even on a day like today. . .I just need it to SLOW DOWN.  Please.
I continue to beg Father Time. . . please, just slow it down.  I know that I tell friends frequently that you and I are NOT on speaking terms, Father Time. . .but please.  Let me just be still with these toddlers and love on them every moment I can.

Oh, and the phone is ringing!  Moo:  "I'll get it!  I'll get it!  I'll get it". . . .really?  Does he even know how to answer the phone?

Please, slow down.  I pray. . . slow it down and keep my littles and the boy safe.  xo

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