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24 October 2012

My Sweet Moo!

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Hip! Hip! HORRAY!!  Today is THE day!  After "too many sleeps!"  The day is finally here. . .my precious little Moo is THREE!!!!!

It feels like it was yesterday, about 4pm when our sweet little redhead buddy entered the world.

It feels like moments ago when his big brother walked in and saw the standard hospital hat on this precious newborn. . .you know the one.  With the pink and blue stripes on it?  The boy instantly did his best to grin and look excited while asking, "Is it a girl?!"  To watch, seconds later, as his grin turned to absolute out of control joy to learn that this precious baby was a BOY!!!!!!!  That is a moment in time that I will never, ever forget.

It feels like, with this Moo, we will forever be kept on our toes!  Adventures with this child are waiting around each and every corner!  His smile is contagious, his giggle absolutely infectious!  His tales as we ride in the car. . .completely priceless.  We love to sing songs together. . .a favorite together is "You Are My Sunsine. . ."  I sing some of it, stop, and wait for him to fill in the tune.

Mama:  "You are my. . . "
Moo:  "BEST FRIEND!!!"
Mama:  "My special. . . ."
Moo:  "BEST FRIEND!!!!"
Mama:  "You make me HAPPY!!!!......"
Moo:  "When skies are GREY!!!!!!!!!"
Mama:  "You'll never know. . . ."
Moo:  " much I WUB you. . . "
Together:  "So please don't take my SUNSHINE away!!!!!"
Moo:  "AGAIN!!!"

And so we go again.

Another car ride tale. . . .as we are driving down the road, he will see something and declare. . . "Isn't that AMAZING, Mom?!?!?"
Mom:  "What is it that you see that's so Amazing, Moo?"
Moo:  "Well. . . that parking lot filled with cars. . . or that man crossing the road. . .or that girl on her bike. . . or the leaves on the tree. . . "

He has so many priceless responses.  Those responses are reminding me how important it is to slow down and notice how AMAZING everything around us is.  

Oh, I am so in LOVE with this little redheaded wonder of mine.  xo 

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