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15 February 2013

What he says. . .

Oh, my little moo. . . and the things that come out of his mouth.
And. . .here is how it went.

Me:  Moo. . .do you know what love is?
Moo:  Yes,  Mama, it is you.  You are love.
(okay. . .melting heart and eyes fill with tears!  Love that boy.)

He continues. . . “Mama, love is also when I piddle on Kelly’s floor.  Then. . . she gets mad because I missed the toilet.  But then, I cry for a minute, and then she forgives me.  Mama, that is love.”

Yes, my little moo. . . that is love. 

Me:  Moo. . .who do you love?
Moo:  I love ollie, and heho, and dada, and bauer, and you!  And you all love me the best!


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